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You can broadcast music and program on scheduled time by using Audio Broadcaster, control
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12 October 2011

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Music can set the mood of any event or occasion and hence contains vital significance at any party or occasion. DJ parties and clubs are incomplete without music and this shows how important it is for any specific event. Since its advent, the forms and genres of music have diversified intensely and this calls for its wide usage in different occasions. Schools, exhibitions and social gatherings require different music to be played and its management automatically to change tracks and beats. Majorly, it requires manual effort to periodically change the stance and rhythm accordingly as desired. Scheduled Audio Player 10.9.7 is an application that automatically facilitates broadcasting of music at scheduled time as required and as per the event that also contains the facility to change the music at will in between.

Scheduled Audio Player consists of a compact and intuitive interface with the main options placed at the bottom panel and light hued background. There are four major tabs for audio settings along with the choice of broadcast date and time, with usual other audio functionalities. This software can be effectively used for schools and gatherings and even exercise and gymnastic schedules. The software features also include setting of music and time schedules that can be altered at will and also contains memory functions that save the audio settings upon system restarting. The school anthem and periodic bells and also a campus radio system can be fully exercised by setting up days for music scheduling. The software can be conveniently used in shopping malls and offices along with music stations and other wireless broadcasting that requires music.

To conclude, Scheduled Audio Player 10.9.7 definitely earns impressive rankings for its unique feature and automated functioning and hence gets a rating score of three points for its elaborate working.

Publisher's description

Professional software used for broadcast on a scheduled time at school and kindergartens, able to broadcast ring music for class beginning and dismissing, gathering, national anthem, rhythm for gymnastics and eye exercises, support to set and change the scheduled time and music at will¡£
Software features:
1, after setting the scheduled time and music, the music will be played on the scheduled time. and the music can be changed at will and conveniently
2, the software is designed with memory function. After restart of computer or software, the previous setting of time and music will be auto-loaded.
3, such as music, rang the bell for the campus radio system can be realized by setting a timetable for the school through the school broadcasting system fully automatic broadcast eye setting-up exercises, national anthem, the preparatory music, bells, school bells music, music class is Bell and other school-demand music;
4, you can set specific date with no scheduled time playing, such as Saturdays, Sundays, which need no scheduled time playing. But on weekdays, the scheduled time will work normally.
The software also be:
(1), applied in schools, troops, companies, factories, and other departments for automatic control of working time and rest time, it can replace the traditional bell and artificial broadcasting.
(2) applied in parks, dance halls, shopping malls, hotels, bars, cafes, offices, etc. to play background music.
(3),applied in stations, wharves for automatic broadcasting.
(4) applied for school teaching programs in English or other wireless or wired broadcasting
(5) applied for personal music during bedtime, or used alarm clock in the morning;
Software, powerful, beautiful interface, easy to use
Scheduled Audio Player
Scheduled Audio Player
Version 12.0
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